Guests asking for the dessert menu

Digital signage by Smartsign can easily spice up an ordinary event like a restaurant visit. Display a slideshow of tempting dishes and tantalizing desserts. Or maybe promote upcoming restaurant events. You are in total control of your message. Smartsign can even automate your schedule like changing the menu from lunch to dinner at a given time.

Inform your customers

  • Offers
  • Upcoming events
  • Menu boards
  • Inspiration

This is what you get

  • Satisfied guests
  • Time saving
  • Increased sales
  • Returning guests

Products and add-ons

  • Display Manager Pro
  • Smartsign Mobile Play

Texas Longhorn Burgers & Deli

Enticing menus maximizes conversion

The Texas Longhorn concept was born in Stockholm 1994. It was first laid out as a fairly conventional restaurant but has over time evolved into a well oiled, high quality fast-food franchise layout with some 33 restaurants all across Sweden. With a high throughput of customers spanning over 12+ hours a day, menus need to look ever appealing, be highly customizable and offer easy updating at the click of a mouse.

The Texas Longhorn restaurant located in the Kista Mall, by the way sporting Sweden’s largest food court, just outside of Stockholm decided to go menus 2.0 with a smart, easy to use and adaptable system. Smartsign Display Manager powering 6 Samsung screens running SSSP. The system has proven to be a great business enabler. It looks and feels a lot more appetizing than traditional menus and has turned the previous old-fashioned manual menu handling into a distant memory.