Guests feel right at home with digital signs at the hotel

With Smartsign and digital signage you can help make your guests feel more welcome and their stay more memorable. Welcome greetings, entertainment in elevators, appetizing displays of hotel and restaurant specials, personalized messages on all in-suite screens. And why not inform your guests about the recently renovated roof terrace? You decide which senses to excite.

Inform your customers

  • Opening hours
  • Offers
  • Upcoming events
  • Navigation
  • facility management

This is what you get

  • Time saving
  • Satisfied guests
  • Returning guests
  • Increased sales

Products and add-ons

  • Display Manager Pro
  • Smartsign Wayfinder
  • Smartsign Mobile Play

The right path with Smartsign

Smartsign guides guests through the 300 rooms and suites of Grand Hotel Stockholm.

With its some 300 rooms, suites, conference facilities, event venues, fitness center, bars and restaurants, Grand Hotel Stockholm is the only swedish hotel bearing the prestigious “The Leading Hotels of the World” label of excellence. In such a vast building, channeling tens of thousands of guests through its many domains, distinct and accurate guidance is of utter importance. Digital signage allows hotel management to easily tailor information to ensure smooth and professional guidance.

The challenge was to create apparent and distinct guidance. Smartsign equipped the hotel with a simple system compatible with their already existing screens, allowing operation by experts and novices alike. This means anyone from management to reception staff can make necessary adjustments as needed without having to take the detour via the IT or marketing departments. The display area on the screens also feature an up-sale section where the spa, bar, restaurants or other hotel facilities individually can promote various offers or services. Clear signage ensures solid guidance and wayfinding even on peak traffic days.