Efficient information at schools and universities using digital screens

The good ol’ days of bulletin boards and stickies are long gone. To ensure important information is relayed to students innovative technology must be deployed. Smartsign offers the latest, simplest and most efficient means of capturing attention no matter message or content. Schedules, lunch menus, time, date or weather, everything goes.

Inform your customers

  • Classroom info
  • Cantine info
  • Schedule
  • Campaigns
  • Upcoming events

This is what you get

  • Concerned students
  • Flexibility

Products and add-ons

  • Display Manager Pro
  • Smartsign Wayfinder
  • Smartsign Mobile Play
  • Screen Saver
  • Web Player

Facilitating faculty chores

Smartsign enables information and guidance at The Australian Institute of Management

Formed in 1941, The Australian Institute of Management is the peak Australian body for managers and leaders. With more than 12 000 individual and corporate members along with the constant transient of students, faculty members and lecturers, the AIM building in Sydney is a boiling hub in great need of activity and information management. Facility handling, guidance and general information management must be quick yet simple and updates, changes and new content occurs several times a day.

For the last 3 years, a Smartsign solution running Smartsign Display Manager and Wayfinder add-on along with a PC player and multiple screens manages the AIM facilities, promotes information of various types and also guides students and faculty members alike. The custom built system can be controlled by one or several administrators from anywhere and has resulted in great organizational uplift as well as time saving.