Get your message through to your co-workers with Smartsign

Strategically placed screens are not only an efficient way of conveying important information to your coworkers – they can also serve as clever work site atmosphere boosting tools. Digital Signage delivered by Smartsign is a straight and certain path to coworker enlightenment: This week’s events, today’s canteen menu or the weekend weather? You decide what to convey to your colleagues. Smartsign supplies the tools.

Inform your customers

  • Key figures
  • Management info
  • Booking of meetings
  • Welcome info

This is what you get

  • Informed employees
  • Satisfied guests
  • Efficiency

Products and add-ons

  • Display Manager Pro
  • Smartsign Wayfinder
  • Smartsign Mobile Play
  • Screen Saver
  • Web Player

Safety First

Relaying safety information using smart screens.

ABB hosts numerous visitors every year. To ensure their safety, important rules must be mediated and followed.

The challenge was to make sure all visitors absorbed the necessary safety information before entering the site. Screens were placed in the reception area, production facility as well as the visitors lounge and by using the Smartsign system, ABB easily controls guest information across multiple screens with content language being changed just by pushing a button.

Today, a vast number of screens ensure that safety information is properly mediated to visitors. The screens also tell the company story, what’s being produced and what has been accomplished throughout the years.