About Smartsign

Smartsign was founded in Borlänge, Sweden by Mr. Åke Hörnell in 1998, long before Digital Signage existed as an industry concept. Mr. Hörnell was an ultra-early adopter of the LCD technology and foresaw a bright future game changer in the world of information publishing. Since then, the Smartsign Digital Signage product suite has evolved into one of the most developed, performing and versatile Digital Signage systems available on the market today.

Many important milestones have been reached since the entity’s birth, and many significant partnerships have been initiated and maintained: Becoming a Samsung Platinum Partner in 2016 was a major acknowledgement on the international Digital Signage canopy, yet collaboration with reputable brands like LG, NEC, Philips and Panasonic just as important.

The flagship, packaged software product Smartsign Display Manager has since its market introduction been characterized by simplicity and reliability. It can be adapted to work integrated with virtually any system and/or requirement in order to serve a vast array of purposes or needs. Always at the forefront of technology – but never leaving simplicity and ease of use behind.

As of today, Smartsign has physical presence and employs a dedicated staff in Sweden, Europe and Australia and serve over 30 nations worldwide. Some of the largest display manufacturers in the world acclaim Smartsign software to be the fastest and most agile outfit in the business when it comes to implement Digital Signage software to their hardware solutions. Smartsign features sales agents and support in all time zones, a triple-A credit rating and has successfully deployed state-of-the-art Digital Signage solutions of all types and sizes for customers in most business areas across the globe.